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It's about that time of the year! Date: Sep 22nd @ 9:07pm EDT
Wow. I did it! Date: Aug 2nd @ 8:24pm EDT
Flirt4Free Summit here I come! Guys, things have been so crazy. I won the July's Summit contests in 1st place all around. 1st place in the top 20 and still am currently, 1st place in the daily Full Moon contest, and of course, 1st in even the Summit win. All that while having to deal with, at first kinda bad, that turned into terrible tech issues! :( BUT still in first place!!!! Doesn't that just go to show how much more of an AWESOME win and month this was!

I will say it was very stressful having to deal with a few of you keeping an eye on my standing. That is all I will say about that, but the long month is now over! Yes, I'm exhausted, I put in 85 hours of cam time not to mention all the snap updates and extra time I put into trying to get this win. This month has really shown me a lot about many things and people who really show up, and people to do not. You know if you fit into that category :) I def had a big hero that went above and beyond, it had me feeling like I am truly a princess.

I will be updating my fanclub with some new content that I'm really excited about. Going to focus on 2 things for this shoot, that will be a surprise. I'm also going to be on break for a small amount of time to enjoy a lot of things I missed out on during July. Spending time with my family and friends. Add me on my Snap to see what I get into @ lovelindsey21

On another note for those not on my Snap yet, I announced that I signed my contract to become part of the next round of Fleshlight gals, yeehaw! I'm stoked to see what will be in store for that...

What a day :D Expect new fanclub updates next month, Fleshlight reppin', my snap, and I am taking some MUCH needed time off, and a BIG THANK YOU to those who spent every single credit on me, offline and online AND in PRIVATE to make this very VERY special win!
Passage to think about. Date: Jul 14th @ 3:34am EDT
I read this somewhere and thought it would be nice on a night like tonight, to post it. After this past Monday I notice the pattern of this day consistently is a day that many of the users are rude or feel the need to ask me for all sorts of requests. Do you honestly not notice how you act towards people? Or how many of us are treated around here? Please take a few minutes or some time to reflect on this. For myself and friends.

"Think of the talents women could cultivate if we weren't taught from birth to be lesser, to fear leadership and success, and to despise ourselves. Enduring life as women in a patriarchal society requires each of us to exercise profound unsung strength, imagine the potential for that power if we were free to use our energies for independent and collective self-improvement, rather than surviving in a world dependent on our subordination."

Feminism is very much supported around here :)

Photoshoot Fun! Date: Jan 2nd @ 4:41pm EST
FOTY Date: Oct 2nd @ 7:49pm EDT
Updates a few Photos! Date: Jul 18th @ 5:28pm EDT
DID IT!!!! Date: Nov 21st @ 10:44am EST
New things coming soon! Date: Nov 10th @ 11:47pm EST
I am planning spending a whole day rewarding my Fan Club members :) I will be uploading a lot new content which includes Private Videos, that can only be seen by being in my fan club, Fan club photos as well, and more blogs and other things of my everyday life! I am also planning using the show deals as well to reward, you, and my loyal customers. My Fan Club price is going to be raising high as well within the next few hours. So you might want to think of renewing your subscription before it goes even higher! My goal is to hit #1 spot on the top 20 hopefully before Flirt of the Year is over, but the sooner the better! I will also start rewarding offline tips higher than 500 credits. I love when you treat me lovely so I want to treat you as well! Hopefully before the month is over, I will have added many more things to my fan club. Since there will (hopefully) be a lot of content added, I will update my Fan Club accordingly. Now, it's time to relax because I need some rest and can NOT wait to wake up and really try to hit getting #1 since I am #3 right now and have been #2 in the past! WOOO!!!!!
Being Sick Sucks Date: Oct 27th @ 11:27pm EDT
This week! Date: Oct 20th @ 4:21pm EDT
GUYS. So many things like, October is now my FAVORITE month EVER! And it's all thanks to YOU!! I love it! :D This week and weekend has been amazing. Thank you so much. My birthday week has been so amazing. That I had to "reward" you guys and Kandi convinced me to come to her place the next day to keep the party going LOL. I have had so much fun and it has been freakin' awesome. Seriously you have no idea or understand how HAPPY I am at this moment. A little stressed but still happy :) I am also going to be posting some blogs in spanish for my LOVELY latin speaking peeps! Me encanta practicar el espanol cuando puedo!! Para marnico. haha (jaja) We MADE NUMBER 1 FOR OUR DUO too btw guys! Now it's time to get ME to number 1! I know we can do it Check out my twitter to see pics and tweets about all the fun from the last week! Almost 2 weeks now hahaha. Okay, gotta go for now and I'll be posting a video soon :) I have lots of bra and panties to share with you first! Tengo que ir ahorra! XOXO besitos

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