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BanksRollers! Date: Aug 9th @ 6:15pm EDT
1st half of 2017 Date: Aug 9th @ 6:08pm EDT
WHO knew the first half of this year would be THIS busy, crazy, and full of FLIRT FUN! Exception of my phone being stolen, this year and my entire Colombian trip was so amazing. Spending time in Medellin kept my mind sending positive vibes almost 24/7! I spent time checking out and exploring the cities I was in having the times of my life. Not only did I cruise through the streets on a moto, I had the oppourtunity and honor to see the different studios and models of Latino America! Aside from the Latino adventures, I have been able to travel to multiple cities all over the U.S. this year. So far, I absolutely am loving it. Meeting all kinds of good people and models is one of my favorite things about all the traveling. Me encanta! I get to learn tons of things about places, cultures, food, etc. It's awesome recognizing the similarities many of us share. I could go on and on but you'll have to hear more while I'm in open chat for the endless stories I can talk about. I may make a list of all the places I've been. It seems to be quite a bit and it's going to keep growing! omg!

Talk soon xoxo,
Camgirl Takeover Date: Feb 23rd @ 4:55pm EST
SUMMIT, XMAS, NEW YEAR! Date: Dec 23rd @ 1:09am EST
I have been so so so busy that updating my blog has become a little challenging to keep up with! All the traveling, internationally as well as all over the great state of Texas!
Some of you know that back in November I attended the annual Flirt4Free Summit held in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico! This year we celebrated 20 YEARS of Flirt! I have been a model with Flirt for over 4 years now, how crazy is that?!
During my time in Mexico, not only was I treated like a star, I won an awesome gift (beats by Dre) and I was awarded with being named Social Media Star of the year!!! On top of having the opportunity of representing Fleshlight and Flirt all this year at different events, I will start the New Year in Vegas come January reppin' it up for a week.
As soon as I got back from summit, I legit landed at 11 pm, got home, changed, and headed out to another event by midnight. The YnotParty in Austin was great! The next day I was also invited to attend another event for Ynot that took us all over my beautiful city of Austin. Thank you again Flirt4Free for having me out here doin' my thing!
Thanksgiving was spent here at home where I had family come over and we made homemade food and it was actually really really nice to enjoy that time.
My Christmas Raffle was longer than usual but congrats to my winners! I hope you enjoy the gifts when received and the Fanclub membership! This Christmas I will be opening a few special gifts on cam with you and you get to spend time with this lil lady and get a chance to spoil me!
Thank you again for all the support some of you have given me, and to the special few out there that really know how to (bug me) but also help me bring out some of the biggest smiles!
The journey is still not over :)

Surprise Surprise Date: Oct 11th @ 5:28am EDT
MOVE IN = BREAK IN Date: Jul 23rd @ 5:50am EDT
Flirt4Free Summit!! Date: May 31st @ 6:10pm EDT
It's here, it's here! Summit contests! The end of May has finally arrived and the start of June seems like it will be quite a fun even exciting month to look forward to if you subtract all the freeloaders and assholes from open chat... teehee!

Bikinis, braids, bad bitch, bad ass times and so much more. Join me with a follow on Twitter. Get all the exclusive behind the scenes shenanigans on my Snapchat.

Let the good times (hopefully great fucking amazing times) begin!

Have YOU ever had braces or Invisalign? Date: May 15th @ 5:25pm EDT
So, recently, I had Invisalign "installed" into my mouth! As some of you who follow my Snapchat know about already.
It's been a few days and I'm thinking that a lil countdown until they come out is gonna be really helpful and needed since this shit... sucks! I mean, probably better than braces... but I miss random snacking terribly! You know you the random munchies kick in! LOL!!! One of the first things I want to do when they come out is do a giant SMOKE SESH!!! with my favorite snacks and drinks!! Oh my god, I can not wait! If you think about it though, I suppose staying on a diet this year will be a lot easier! LOL!

I also wonder how people give blow jobs with braces... what in the....I do NOT know how people go through braces for years! Sad days. The Invisalign is bad enough lol.

What are your experiences with dentists? Any advice for this gal? Things to eat? Diets? Anything?

I'm ending this on a positive note with the fact that in less than a years time, I will have an even better smile :)

xoxo -Banksie
Summer Time Ready! Date: May 11th @ 3:25am EDT
Fleshlight Gal/Camstar model Date: Apr 9th @ 7:25pm EDT

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